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Business of the Month – 2019

Business of the Month 2019

An initiative from the Staten Island SBDC to showcase the success and achievements in result of the hard work and efforts formed from business relationships with our expert advisors

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January: Phil-Am Kusina

January 2019: Phil-Am Kusina

Phil-Am Kusina is Staten Island’s only sit-down Filipino restaurant, located at 556 Tompkins Avenue. Phil-Am Kusina serves authentic eats and recently expanded to a mobile food truck known as Sisig City to serve the rest of the NYC area. Manny Imperial is the man behind these operations, a family-man and food-enthusiast who can be found on the tennis courts in his free time.

Manny’s inspiration to become an entrepreneur began while working at his family’s Filipino grocery store, Phil-Am Foods. Manny enrolled in the Entrepreneurial Program at the College of Staten Island when he first met Joseph Bottega, Certified Business Advisor at the Staten Island SBDC. Since completing that program, Manny continues to meet with Advisor Bottega to this day for business counseling. Advisor Bottega initially guided Manny throughout the business plan writing process that he later used as a guide to open his first restaurant. Phil-Am Kusina officially opened in 2014, conveniently across the street from his family’s grocery store that inspired him. Advisor Bottega and the SBDC team continue to support Manny with advisement on marketing tactics, networking connections, and growth strategies.

Since Manny was motivated to provide his patrons with an authentic Asian-style restaurant experience, Phil-Am Kusina’s menu and décor from peach and khaki green walls to tables that are protected with glass wrapped in butcher paper does just that. The menu includes favorable dishes such as: pinoy ribs pork ribs in a Filipino style barbecue sauce; beef sirloin in soy lemon sauce with onion rings; crispy pork with shrimp paste in coconut milk; and leche flan crème caramel custard. At Phil-Am Kusina, you can find dinners for large and small parties at reasonable prices.

Phil-Am Kusina has become a very popular spot for Asian and Filipino residents in Staten Island and New Jersey. Many of the patrons can expect the traditional Filipino dishes with exotic flavors that reflect the cuisine and culture. As Phil-Am Kusina continues to gain popularity, Manny has took his business to the next level by opening his food truck for business. The food truck is used at local events throughout the NYC and NJ areas where customers can sample a variety of menu items like of lechon sliders, mini dogs, and crispy bicol. The mobility of this cuisine has offered a chance for a large audience to experience his authentic culinary abilities.

Manny’s success has caught the attention of the New York Times, Staten Island Advance, and Gothamist.

To learn more about Phil-Am Kusina and to check out their menu, visit their website and follow them on social media:

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Manny’s in depth knowledge of Filipino culinary culture along with his excellent and innovative cooking skills have made Phil-Am Kusina one of the top Filipino Restaurants in the NYC Area.”  – Staten Island SBDC Certified Business Advisor Joseph Bottega

“You don’t build a business. You build people and the people build your business. That’s how the Small Business Development Center of Staten Island pertains to Phil-Am Kusina.” – Manny Imperial, Owner of Phil-Am Kusina





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