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Business of the Month – 2020

Business of the Month 2020

An initiative from the Staten Island SBDC to showcase the success and achievements in result of the hard work and efforts formed from business relationships with our expert advisors

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January: Team Logic IT

February: Caddell Prep

February 2020: Caddell Prep

Caddell Prep is a Staten Island tutoring service that provides test preparation for students taking the SAT, LSAT, TACHS, Regents Exams, Graduate Admission Tests and junior high level Math and Geometry practice tests.

Glyn Caddell is a native Staten Islander who has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The New Jersey Institute of Technology. Glyn, who has a logical and analytical mindset, has always searched for ways to help others reach their goals in a meaningful and less stressful manner. In 2012, Glyn saw an opportunity to develop his own business and took to the challenge of dissecting Standardized Tests.

Glyn first met with Staten Island SBDC Certified Business Advisor Joe Bottega back in 2013. Joe advised Glyn to develop his business plan with a special focus on marketing, advertising and networking. Joe assisted in writing the business plan and later suggested that Glyn give presentations to schools, parent groups and educational organizations to help create awareness and to educate parents, students and teachers about the importance of stress reduction before taking an exam. Glyn took Joe’s advice and later saw an increase in the enrollment at Caddell Prep. Glyn later sought Joe’s advice in seeking a small business loan to meet the service needs of his business. Joe was able to obtain research for funding opportunities through grants, venture capitalists and angel investors. Joe further counseled Glyn on applying for a business line of credit to assist him with funding his marketing and staffing needs. Joe has continued to encourage Glyn to network and educate his audience. Glyn noted, “For me, coming from a background in engineering, I definitely was not ready to start networking, but his advice has helped me create a lot of relationships that have helped grow my business over the years.” In fact, EdSurge’s Summit in Los Angeles chose Caddell Prep to present at their meeting about the need for test preparation for College and Graduate School Admission. Evelyn Herrera, Director of Community Based Youth Programs, provided a testimonial stating, “Caddell Prep truly cares about helping the students. Since the implementation of the online service, our students have voiced their appreciation of it, and our educators have informed us that it was very easy to track their students’ performance.”

To learn more about Caddell Prep, visit their website and follow them on social media:

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“Glyn’s continued growth and path to business success stems from his passion, dedication and concern for providing quality education to any student at any time.” – Staten Island SBDC Certified Business Advisor Joseph Bottega

“When I first opened up my business on Guyon Ave., Joseph Bottega was always available to help, whether it was giving actual advice or just much needed encouragement. It’s just good to know that someone is looking out for you and checking up on you.” – Glyn Caddell, Owner of Caddell Prep

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January 2020: Team Logic IT

Michael Montalbano is no stranger to hard work. While working on Wall Street, Michael worked long hours and lived in Manhattan with his wife, Justine. After their son was born in 2012, Michael decided he wanted to move to Staten Island and set up his own business to support his family and follow his dream.

Since developing himself as an entrepreneur was new territory for Michael, yet an endeavor he believed he was capable of handling, he chose to meet with the SBDC at the College of Staten Island (CSI) for the business counseling he knew he needed.

When Mike came to the SBDC at CSI in 2018 to discuss his acquisition of a TeamLogic IT Franchise, he met with Senior Certified Business Advisor Ed Piszko to discuss the Team Logic concept and how to best market his new business. Hiring skilled technicians, having a good location, and creating a social media marketing plan were the essential first steps discussed. Team Logic IT has grown into a nationwide network that businesses rely on for managed IT Services.

Michael and Justine’s success is driven through one core mission – to leverage technology to a business’ advantage. Thousands of businesses across North America are taking advantage of their ability to deliver available, secure and flexible IT systems, filling the void in the market for a trusted technology advisor. Subsequently, Michael met with Advisor Ed Piszko and Director Dean Balsamini to discuss how cybercrime is invading college campuses. Michael is driven to provide local, knowledgeable IT support to small businesses on Staten Island. While Michael is providing a valued service to small business owners on Staten Island, he also provides support to the community through various local organizations and nonprofits.

TeamLogic IT believes that the best technicians don’t wait for the next round of training, they begin researching and reading on their own initiative to deepen their skill set, and to anticipate your questions when the time comes.

To learn more about Team Logic IT, visit their website and follow them on social media:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

“Michael Montalbano through TeamLogic IT is providing a valued service to small business owners in Staten Island. He becomes their IT expert without having to expand their workforce.” – Staten Island SBDC Senior Certified Business Advisor Edward Piszko

“SBDC is a great resource for any small business, whether a start-up or established business. Their staff is friendly, patient and very informative. I highly recommend the SBDC to any small business wherever they may be in their life cycle”. – Michael Montalbano, owner of TeamLogicIT

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