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Stop by your local Small Business Development Center and pick up a free copy of Recipe for Success: Selling Food Products, our business planning guide. This guide will provide you with step-by-step assistance for writing and effective business plan, and registering a business name. It takes you through sources of financing, self-employment tax, and supplies you with an employer responsibilities checklist for your convenience. We can provide advice for operating your business, commercializing your recipe, and production options. Pricing, distributing, and selling your products are all important aspects that are included in our guide. We can help you market your product, and introduce trade show tips. We cover accounting and record keeping, and provide programs and resources for your benefit. Our guide for selling food products will help you jump-start your business and get you started with any outside resources or programs that you may be interested in. Make an appointment with your Small Business Development Center advisor today and get your free copy.