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If you are a veteran or are currently in the armed forces, stop by your local Small Business Development Center and pick up a free copy of the Veterans Business Planning Guide and sit down with one of our advisors to get some free advice on the best way to start a business. This guide provides opportunity for entrepreneurs who have served their country to start up and develop a sustainable business. The guide even covers the ways that your time defending our country can assist you in building a successful company. The Small Business Development Center can help your business with expert management and assistance. The guide will walk you through almost every aspect of starting a business, including how to apply to veteran loans for your start-up. We can help with your growing needs and provide information about a wide range of topics to enhance your business. Our guide and our advisors offer a free opportunity to build and develop a business suitable to you.
Make an appointment with your local Small Business Development Center advisor for free help and your free guide today. Our trained and experienced counselors can sit down with you and help you with a development strategy for your business. Thank you for your service.